2020 Projects


Workshop on strengthening multilingualism through datasets in low resourced languages at IGF 2020

Organised a workshop that brought together researchers in AI, ML and policy practitioners to discuss the challenges of lack of training data in indegenous languages


Capacity Development for Judicial Operators
around the World

Co-developed the project concept note for training of judicial operators world wide
in upholding the Rule of Law with respect to its use in judicial systems and
its legal challenge.


UNICEF Policy Guidance on AI for Children

Peer reviewed UNICEF’s Policy Guidance on AI for Children


Capacity Building in the Age of Convergence

Participated as a speaker at IGF 2020 session on capacity building for the governance of digital technologies organised by Microsoft


Animated Videos for Young People to understand the implications of AI

Based on UNESCO’s UNESCO’s flagship publication on AI, Rights, Openness, Access, Multistakeholder participation and Gender Equality

Government AI Survey

UNESCO launches Artificial Intelligence capacity building needs assessment survey for Africa region

As part of UNESCO’s global priority Africa, the AI Capacity Building Needs Assessment survey has been designed within the framework of the ‘United Nations system-wide strategic approach and road map for supporting capacity development on artificial intelligence’. It is based on the African Union Agenda 2063 priorities as discussed in the UNESCO report ‘Steering AI and Advanced ICTs for Knowledge Societies’. The survey results would be used for designing capacity building initiatives and coalitions for development activities related to AI, along with partner governments.

Other activities

AI and Open Educational Resources Hackathon

Jury Member at a hackathon for Open Educational Resources solutions using AI for strengthening access to information and knowledge.

Other activities

Workshop on impact of AI on Teaching Competencies

Participated in a Multistakeholder experts consultation to review the emerging context and impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on competencies for teachers.

2019 Projects


AI Policy Dialogue in Nairobi: UNESCO Engages Technology and Policy Experts for Human Centered AI in Africa, September, 2019

The workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Fairness at the Deep Learning Indaba 2019, the annual gathering of the African Machine Learning Community in Kenya, engaged participants through case studies on topics concerning AI, privacy, access and online education.


AI Policy Dialogue in Paris : UNESCO advocated ROAM principles for Steering AI for Knowledge Societies,
March, 2019

UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week 2019 was the context for showing how the ROAM principles can reveal what Artificial Intelligence means for the future of communication and information.


AI for Development Network in Africa Agenda Formulation in Nairobi

The meeting brought together stakeholders working on AI from across Africa to develop an agenda for the AI for Development Network in Africa through design thinking workshops and knowledge exchange.


Gender Equality and Technology: Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Women Empowerment

The multistakeholder discussion focused on data driven and programmer driven biases in AI systems; gender equality and participation of women in AI research and project implementation and the role of AI education in women empowerment

Feasibility Study

Authored Feasibility Study for UNESCO AI Category II Centre in Slovenia

Co-authored the feasibility study for the establishment of a Category II Centre on AI in Slovenia, under the auspices of UNESCO. Analysed the governance, financial, sustainability and programmatic aspects for the proposed International Research Centre on AI. Prepared the legal agreement for consideration of UNESCO’s governing bodies.

Agreement to establish the International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence in Ljubljana signed: