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Global Publication

Global Report:
Steering AI and Advanced ICTs
for Knowledge Societies
November 2019

Summary available in

Global Publication

Artificial Intelligence
Needs Assessment Survey
in Africa

Case Study

Case study:
Aadhaar India’s Quest
for a Unique Digital ID
for a billion people


Resilient Cities Policy Challenge Idea Book, 2018

UBC Policy Studio Liu Institute for Global Issues
Vancouver, Canada

Encyclopedia of Aluminum Alloys by Taylor and Francis

Use of Quality Index based approach to evaluate
the effect of Hipping on the performance
of cast aluminum alloys


Can Independent
Journalism Thrive under Paywalls?

Economic and Political Weekly
Vol. 54, Issue No. 4
26 Jan, 2019

Government Curtails Ads
to Curtail Press


October 15, 2018

Why Press Freedom
Is On The Decline
In India

Huffington Post

May, 2017

Nudging Delhi Residents Into Saving Water Could Be Way Easier Than It Seems

Huffington Post
Swarajya Magazine
July, 2017

Let's Go Back To The Constitution To Recall What It Means To Be Indian

Huffington Post

August, 2016

Why Delhi Would Be Better Off Without Its Municipal Corporations

Huffington Post

August, 2016

Why Andhra Politicians Should Stop Fretting Over Special Category Status

Huffington Post

August, 2016

India's Business Policy Needs to Look Beyond World Bank's Doing Business Report

The Wire

Feb, 2017

Why India Needs Nanotechnology Regulation Before it is Too Late

The Wire


Decline in Earnings Doesn't Translate to Anti-Demonetisation Sentiments

The Wire

Jan, 2017

China’s Domestic Political Economy Guides Its Foreign Policy

The Quint

Sep, 2017

Half Of Promises Made By Ministries To Parliament Not Kept

India Spend, Business Standard

Failure in the market for news: Moving towards news as a Public Good

Siyasat Magazine
Delhi University


Government Advertising as Indicator of Media Bias
2018, Sciences Po, Paris

Prateek Sibal - Unpublished Manuscript

Use of Strain Energy Density W and Qo as Quality Indices for Rating the Quality of Cast Aluminium Alloy354 as a Function of Processing Parameters

P. Sibal et al., | Advanced Materials Research

Vol. 704, pp. 189-194, 2013

Use of Strain Energy Density W and Qo as Quality Indices to Study the Effect of Hipping on Cast Aluminium Alloy 354 under Different Aging Conditions

G. D. Babu, P. Sibal et al., | Advanced Materials Research

Vols. 941-944, pp. 66-71, 2014


Democracy in India: Evolving a new consensus

Was awarded the Best Essay

at Harvard US India Initiative Conference, 2015


Primary author of two private member bills
that were introduced in the Parliament of India

Insecticides (Amendment) Bill, 2015

The Patents (Amendment) Bill, 2015